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Hot Melt Adhesives


By working closely with original equipment manufacturers and our customers Sealock has developed a full range of hot melt adhesives based on a range of technologies including: -

  • EVA, ethylene-vinyl acetate.
  • Metallocene
  • APAO, atactic poly-alpha-olefin.
  • Rubber based (SIS, SBS, SEBS)
  • Polyamide


Our range and application experience covers the majority of hot melt markets including:

  • Bookbinding
  • Filter assembly and construction
  • Packaging
  • Product assembly
  • Print
  • Wood working
  • Other industrial markets

Our factories manufacture hot melts in pellet and SeaBlock format using the latest technology manufacturing equipment including our unique SeaBlock registered format.


Sealock Hot Melt Adhesive presented in a Unique Form

  • SeaBlocks are easy to handle weighing only 350 gms.
  • SeaBlocks are packed in re-sealable pizza style cartons, suitable for storage close to application machinery.
  • SeaBlocks are not thermoplastic film or silicone paper wrapped.
  • SeaBlocks are taken straight from the carton to the hot melt tank - no wrapping to remove.
  • SeaBlocks improve cleanliness in production areas. Should an operator drop one on a bench or floor it will be picked up immediately.
  • SeaBlocks remove the possibility of small pieces of hot melt inadvertently getting into the packaged product, thereby reducing the risk of product recall and customer dissatisfaction.
  • SeaBlocks offer rapid melt down rates and are easy to add to applicator tanks.
  • SeaBlocks - a wide range of Sealock Hot Melts are available in this format.
  • SeaBlocks are manufactured in the UK under a quality system approved by the British Standards Institute.

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